Women’s Health

Women face unique health issues. Here, we present topic information specific to Women’s Health.

Breast Health

More than nine out of ten women treated for early breast cancer will be alive and well five years later. The long range outlook improves with each year that passes without evidence of further growth. Monthly breast examinations, as well as periodic medical check-ups and mammography are the best protective measures currently available.

Unfortunately, most tumors brought to the doctor’s attention are an inch or more in diameter. At this size, the lymph nodes may also be involved, increasing the chances that the disease has spread to the other breast or other parts of the body. If you find a lump, see your doctor at your earliest opportunity.

Breast Self-Exam

For more Detailed Information – Click on the Susan G Komen icon below and go to the Breast Self-Awareness (BSA) Interactive Tool on the Susan G Komen site

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